Blog Sponsorship Program

We know Mommy bloggers, because I am a Mommy blogger, and I know what I want to get the most out of blogging. I love to read great baby blogs, baby coupon blogs and other mommy blogs – and I know how hard it is to constantly have new, fresh content that’s exciting to our readers.

To show our appreciation for all of the great Mommy bloggers out there I decided to share the love and start sponsoring other Mommy blogs. We receive free baby samples, free baby products, and free baby coupons from major manufacturers all the time, and we simply have too much stuff to review ourselves.

All of our sponsored bloggers receive our eBook, 132 ways to get free baby samples (a $9.95 value) for FREE! Just signup with your blog, and we’ll send it to you for free!

Free Baby Samples eBook

We wrote the essential eBook that teaches you how to get free baby samples. The phone numbers and addresses in our eBook have given us more than $1,000 in free baby products, and has helped more than 500 other new Mommies. We normally sell the eBook on our site for $9.95, but you can receive it free by signing up as a sponsored blogger.

Contest Sponsorship

Triplets Mommy will sponsor a contest that you can host on your blog. We are constantly receiving gift certificates from and other great online shops. All you do is simply host the contest on your blog. It can be as simple as a random drawing of all comments left on your blog. You make the rules- we provide the prize.

Free Baby Products & Coupons

Free baby coupons, free baby samples, and free baby products. That’s right free stuff you can give away! We receive free stuff from baby companies all the time, and once we review the items, we will send them out to you so you can get the free stuff, and have great new content to write about for your readers.

Sponsorship FAQs:

1) How do I apply to have my blog sponsored?

Simply complete the short form above. We will contact you if you qualify.

2) How do I qualify?

Blogs are qualified for sponsorship based on several factors. One of these factors includes how relevant your blog is. But don’t worry we can usually work out some sort of sponsorship for most situations- just complete the short form above to find out.

3) How can I receive your eBook for free?

Every sponsored blogger will receive our 132 ways to get free baby samples eBook for free. You just need to submit your blog, and if you qualify, you receive our $9.95 eBook for free!