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Free Baby Coupons Playtex Feeding & Diaper Genie II Coupons By Mail

In the past Playtex gave away free Diaper Genies to parents of multiples.  Currently they don’t have a multiple program, but they do give out coupons if you call and request them.

Free Baby Coupons By Mail

For those of you looking for great baby coupons by mail, there are TONS of free offers available. We have something called the Mommy Savers Club where we send out weekly newsletters with a recap of all the best free baby samples for Moms. If you really want to get free coupons by mail, make sure to signup when you see the popup on our site or click on the “join now” at the top of the page.

The current coupons are for $3 off any Playtex feeding item and $6.99 of Diaper Genie II products.  The Playtex Feeding coupon can be used for bottles, drop-ins, liners, Soothie pacifiers, cups, nipples, and more.  If you found items on sale this could even cover the full cost of Soothie pacifiers or a single Playtex bottle.

The Diaper Genie coupon is for $6.99 off a Diaper Genie II or $6.99 of Diaper Genie II refills.  Currently stores sell the refills between five and six dollars, so if you already have the Diaper Genie II you would get two free refills with these coupons.  How awesome!

To get your free coupons you need to call Playtex at 1-800-222-0453 and tell them you are expecting or have twins, triplets, or multiples. Coupons arrive quickly, within 2-3 business days!

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