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Free Huggies Coupon, 5 dollars off

I love Huggies, I always shop around to find the best deals for my triplets.  I tried the cheaper brands, but two of my girls are allergic to them, and they leak so i stick with huggies.  I found a great deal for Huggies baby diapers.  If you log on to you get a coupon for $5.oo off your purchase of any Huggies diapers.  That’s almost  like getting a package for free.  I love getting free baby samples, at $5.oo off its not free, but its a heck of a deal.  Its a great incentive to sample their baby diapers and see if they work for you.

On another note- we are going to be publishing a top 10 free baby samples list, later this week ! So check back soon.

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