• Free internet manufacturers items part two…

    Here is the “B” List for manufacturers that will send you some coupons for free items of theirs.  I will list the “C” List tomorrow, be sure to check back. Baker’s Chocolate – Contact Us Balance Bar – Contact Us Ball Park Franks – Contact Us Barnum Animal Crackers –… Read more »

  • Free internet manufacturers items part one…

    I found some contact information for Internet manufacturers that will send you some coupons for free items of theirs to get you to try them…I emailed a few and got some good stuff. Here is just the “A” list, i will put one letter each day, make sure to check… Read more »

  • Free Items from LUVS

    Be one of the first moms to take a stand against pricey diapers, sign up to receive exclusive Luvs Welcome Kit. This free package (available while supplies last) includes: An exclusive $5-off Luvs coupon A fun coloring page for your kiddo A refrigerator door-worthy copy of the Luvs Moms Mantra… Read more »

  • Free Stride Gum

    Stride Gum is offering a free pack of gum to US Residents. They are offering one pack of any one of these three choices of favors, Sweet Berry, Sweet cinnamon and Always Mandarin. No obligation just go here and fill out your address and in a 2-3 weeks receive your… Read more »

  • Free Yoplait Kids Yogurt

    Email for your free Yoplait Kids Yogurt coupon.  I emailed for mine less than a week ago and received mine in the mail today.  Where I shop, this yogurt is over $4.00,  Free yogurt anytime.  Especially for the kids.  IT tastes great.  Click here and just go to the contact… Read more »

  • Free samples of the Playtex Drop-Ins Original Nurser System

    Found more free items…this one really works too.  You can get a free Drop-in Nurser System and BPA Facts from Playtex.  I just received mine last week.  IT took about 2 weeks to get, but it comes.  All you do is fill in some information and they will send you a free… Read more »

  • Free Totally Toddler Nursery Stain Remover

    Totally Toddler is offering a FREE 24oz bottle of Nursery Stain Remover.   Simply print a letter (you can find it here) and take it to your favorite store and give it to the store manager. After you’ve taken the letter to the store, send them the store’s name, address, phone number and… Read more »

  • Free Johnsons baby coupons

    Do you like Johnsons baby items? They and they are offering free coupons for their baby products. Want more information click here and it will direct you to their site. I just printed out some coupons for their bedtime products. I love the bed time bath for my girls. It… Read more »

  • Looking for Free items, look no further

    Active Mommy’s out there, do you want to get 100% free items from Walmart with free printable online coupons? Here is one example I found: Johnsons Buddies ($0.94, free w/ $2/2 printable coupon Do you WANT to get more 100% freebies? Click here to go to my Free Baby items … Read more »

  • Pampers Coupon for Target

    I just found a good deal. There is a coupon for Target for buy any wipes and diapers and get $5 off. But if you get the paper, there is also a coupon from Pampers for $2 off. I think at my target the diapers run about $8.99 for the… Read more »