Free Baby Stuff

Free Baby Samples & Free Baby Diapers


Free Baby Samples

This is our guide of tips & tricks we have used to receive free baby samples. We gathered as much information we could about baby samples, baby coupons, and all the best places to find them, and we compiled the entire list for you. When you purchase the Mommy Savers Guide we also enroll you in our Triplets Mommy Weekly Newsletter where you can receive MORE free samples, all for free.


Free Baby Coupons

We soon realized that there are a LOT of companies looking to give away free baby samples, you just need to know the numbers to call. We have scoured the Internet and found the phone numbers to call to receive free diaper samples, free baby food, free formula samples from top name brands like Pampers, Huggies, Gerber, Similac and Enfamil. Our guide is worth thousands of dollars when you consider all of the free samples you get!


Free Baby Diapers

Our eBook contains samples for free baby diapers, baby food and more. It’s amazing how many baby diapers you can go through with one, two, three or more babies! The samples and coupons for free baby diapers are invaluable…mothers and babies have truly loved getting these free diapers through the Mommy Savers Guide.