Free Baby Tooth Chart

posted on November 22, 2009 at 2:15 pm

baby-tooth-chartEver wonder which of your baby’s teeth will come in first?  Or how old he or she will be when different sets of teeth are supposed to come through?  Our baby girl has her two bottom teeth now and has been chewing on everything again lately.  I’m sure more teeth are getting ready to show themselves but when?

Anbesol is offering a free Baby Tooth Chart.  This chart shows which teeth should come in first and when you might expect them to come through.  Every parents needs to keep in mind (as I learned with my first baby) that each child is different.  Some get their teeth young and some take a really long time to get them.  Some get one in at a time and others get six or seven in at a time.  I think this chart is a great tool, though, for seeing what pediatricians have documented happens for most babies.

Print out the chart and put it somewhere easy to find.  You could mark off your baby’s teeth as they come in and even mark the dates each pearly white made their debut.

Get your Free Baby Tooth Chart from Anbesol here

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