Free Samples

  • Free Sample Trial Size for Mommy – Target

    Not all of my posts are about free baby samples- this is a free sample for mommy. This one is at Target for the week of 3/22-3/28. The product is “Dove Go Fresh Trial Size”. The cost is $.97 and there is a coupon in the recent insert for $1.25… Read more »

  • Free Baby Sample-Green Dot Pacifier

    My girls are too old for this, but I wish I had one when they were little.  FunTastic Media Products is offering a free sample of a green dot pacifier.  This is great because it tells you if your baby has a fever, it changes color, green for normal and… Read more »

  • Huggies Wipes- Free Baby Sample

    With our triplets, we go through cases of wipes per month. We’ve learned to conserve. When the girls were really little and just required “minor” cleanup- a half of wipe worked fine. I joked with my hubby, if we use 1/2 a wipe each time, essentially we would be getting… Read more »

  • Free Sample of Tide Total Care

    Get a free sample of Tide Total Care.  I took advantage of a similiar offer from tide several months ago- It is a great product. Tide Total Carepromises to keep your clothes like new – or your money back. Limit one per household –

  • Free Baby Products – Free Potty Training DVD

    Our baby triplets are almots 2 years old already ! They are getting so big so fast. We have changed about 12,000 diapers with our babies so far ! (Many of which were free baby samples !) Try out the diaper calculator below to see how many diapers you have… Read more »

  • Free GYMBOREE Class

    I love anything thats free…free baby samples, free baby products and coupons, so when I found out that GYMBOREE is letting you have a class for free, i am jumping at that offer.  I hear nothing but good things about these classes.  So sign up for your free class today.

  • Free Baby coupons from Heinz

    Heinz is offering free baby coupons and booklets.   To get your free baby items call Heinz at  1-800-872-2229 or log on to Also if you sign up for the Heinz Baby Club you will receive information and special offers, maybe even free baby samples. Information and offers are customized… Read more »

  • Free baby product from Enfamil

    This is a great deal…I wish they had this when my trio was on formula.  My girls used the Nutramigen and for those who have babies on this formula they know how expensive it is.  So take advantage of this offer while it lasts.  This includes a FREE Sample of… Read more »