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SwagBucks – Earn Free Gift Cards for Baby Stuff

Swagbucks is a web browser I downloaded on my computer that allows me to earn gift cards. Each month I cash in $10-$20 worth of Amazon gift cards. It is easy, fun, and free! They have gift cards for baby stores and more.

I downloaded the browser search bar, and when I need to do an Internet search I just type it what I am looking for at the top of my screen. Typing in “movie theaters Denton, TX” can earn me Swagbucks. I may earn 9, 11, or even 50! When I have enough I cash them out for gift cards. The search results are pulled from Google, so I always find exactly what I am looking for!

Using Swagbucks is a great way to earn free holiday gifts. I would say this year I have earned close to $200 in Amazon gift cards. I know one woman who cashed her Swagbucks in for Target gift cards and bought a Canon Rebel! They add up fast!

Click here to join Swagbucks!

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