Here are some new freebies I came across.  I just sent in for mine, so well see if they do actually come.  I received almost all of the things I had sent for, so I hope these will come as well…They are all Free baby items, it doesn’t cost you… Read more »

Mommy Tips #4 – Stroller selection is key

Big stroller with all the bells and whistles OR small and simple ? With our first daughter we had a huge stroller- with all the bells and whistles , oversized wheels, pockets and storage. But we found it was too big to manage- the simple umbrella style stroller was light… Read more »

Free Johnsons baby coupons

Do you like Johnsons baby items? They and they are offering free coupons for their baby products. Want more information click here and it will direct you to their site. I just printed out some coupons for their bedtime products. I love the bed time bath for my girls. It… Read more »

Mommy Tips #3 Johnson & Johnson Bedtime bath

Ok, i wish I knew this earlier. I have just recently used Johnson & Johson’s Bedtime bath for all of my girls…What a difference. I though, yeah right that couldn’t work that well! Yes it does! I give my girls a bath every night with the bedtime bath and lotion… Read more »

FREE SpongeBob™ Powered Toothbrush

I just came across this offer. Colgate is offering a FREE SpongeBob™ Powered Toothbrush…Here is what they need from you… Take an official form (Download one here) to your next dental visit. At that check-up, ask your dentist to stamp or sign the form. Purchase a Colgate® toothpaste or toothbrush.… Read more »

Mommy Tips #2 – Emergency Backup

Important for any baby- even more so for multiples- Pack a baby emergency backup that always stays in your car. A large ziplock bag works great. Include: a few baby diapers a small pack of wipes nookie a spare bottle onesie a small toy, maybe a rattle A good project… Read more »

Free Feeding your Baby Finger Foods Pamphlet

Get your Free Feeding your Baby Finger Foods Pamphlet. It’s by Johnson and Johnson, you can print it out or just read it online here. Its really good. I got a lot of great ideas. Take a look, click here for the website.

Pampers Coupon for Target

I just found a good deal. There is a coupon for Target for buy any wipes and diapers and get $5 off. But if you get the paper, there is also a coupon from Pampers for $2 off. I think at my target the diapers run about $8.99 for the… Read more »

Free Baby Gift

I just logged onto toysRus and if you go to the babiesRus tab, and do a baby registry they will send your new baby a gift totally free. I wish I knew this when I was pregnant with my triplets…I don’t know what kind of gift they send, but its… Read more »

Mommy Tips #1 – Proper Pajamas

Attention new mommies… With triplets I should have known better. Avoid button up sleepers at all costs. Nothing is worse than a screaming baby and a flustered mommy trying to snap 153 buttons. It’s so much quicker to just use zipper sleepers. Common sense really- but the button up sleepers… Read more »